Cách Nói Chuyện Thú Vị

Cách Nói Chuyện Thú Vị – I used to be a person who was very afraid of conversations, I felt very boring and uninteresting.

I remember there were conversations where I couldn’t concentrate because my mind was busy thinking of what to say next when the other person stopped.

Cách Nói Chuyện Thú Vị

Cách Nói Chuyện Thú Vị

Lips feeling dry, bitter mouth, shaking hands when presenting the club program in the lecture hall.

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Many past experiences and choices in the past have helped me practice communication much better than before.

Including the ability to track the HR industry, Talent Acquisition (TA) segment. A job that requires interaction with many people and people is very challenging. This job requires interacting with people of different ages, professions, genders and even languages. Not only is normal communication necessary, but a teaching assistant job requires you to learn many things to be able to communicate effectively, interestingly and persuasively.

These are some of the things I have learned from improving my personal communication skills, from being a poor communicator to having conversations that connect with people and learn many interesting things from them.

In communication, you cannot actively control the parties, but you can fully control yourself. Instead of expecting other people to be interesting, make yourself an interesting person.

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Sharing, exchanging information is output – output and input of information means input of information, brain food, your mind. If the result is considered interesting, at least the contribution must be varied and interesting first, there are many “ingredients”, then the chef is a new brain to ensure, choose, cook and create interesting things for the listener.

Some passionate topics can be turned into deep topics and shared with others by writing, explaining, or even teaching others about what you have just learned.

The more you do it, the more you make a connection between the problem you’re studying and your brain.

Cách Nói Chuyện Thú Vị

For example, an actor has lived many lives in various films, and the audience also partially reflects on those lives in their own way.

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Watching a movie, if it is as deep as reading the book mentioned above, is a great way to learn and develop empathy skills with others. At the same time, the current movies are written very carefully, the dialogue in the movie is worth learning through everyday communication.

Communication that requires a lot of storytelling skills is telling stories. The most interesting people I know have one thing in common: people who have experienced many stories and relived them into stories.

The more tragic the experience, the more interesting the story because the storyteller brings emotion to the story in the most natural way.

Effective communication requires listening, understanding and empathy in order to truly connect between parties. And in order to listen, understand and empathize, the listener needs to be active and focus on the conversation.

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However, focusing on communication is a difficult skill and requires practice, as the average person speaks 225 words per minute, but the ear hears 500 words per minute. In many communication sessions you will find that “the body is here and the mind is somewhere else”. l

Worrying about the future and being caught up in the past leads to missing the present moment.

These days, apps like TikTok make it harder to focus by training your brain to focus on music, bright images, and colorful text. The more you read a book or communicate every day, text, music and images are not always nearby.

Cách Nói Chuyện Thú Vị

And the trade-off is that if you’re not paying attention to the conversation, you’ll miss a lot of what the other person has to say. Not to mention an interesting and productive conversation. Even knowing what the other person is saying can be difficult.

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When was the last time you looked someone in the eye instead of looking at your phone screen while talking?

Replace the feeling of FOMO – FEAR OF MISSING OUT with a new feeling of JOMO – JOY OF MISSING OUT!

The skill of asking the right questions is a skill that never ends. I think this skill is very important for effective and interesting communication because in an interesting communication session there will be an exchange and connection between two parties and the question is one of the bridges.

To get a correct answer, the question must first be correct, then the level of goodness is calculated.

Nói Chuyện Với Cha Mẹ Hoặc Người Lớn Như Thế Nào?

My profession has a wide variety of questions to interview, understand and use candidates. However, there are two types of questions that can be used in everyday communication:

For example: Have you been to Da Lat? There are 2 answers that have come and gone, or some people may answer, intend to go…

What did you think of the episode where Ms. died? Gang Ri? What do you think about happiness after watching a movie? Which character do you like the most? Why do you like that character? What did you learn from the film? I used to abc.. (situation)

Cách Nói Chuyện Thú Vị

It sounds simple, but it is extremely difficult because you need to grow up, ignore your ego, and want to show off in order to learn from others.

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When I was younger it was very difficult for me because I wanted to show myself, girls wanted to fight, but the older I got, the more people I met, the more confident I felt, to be honest that I do not know and listen with open ears. Instead of always trying to show or say things you’re not sure about, it’s better to always be right.

One mistake I often make is when someone shares a story, I often relate my own experience.

Instead of listening to your story, learning the mind of the storyteller, sympathizing with the storyteller, I ripped other people’s shows and made a show about myself. People talk about a busy job, I’ll talk about how busy my job is.

Everyone is trying to talk about themselves, everyone is trying to talk about their experiences, so listening is becoming more and more important.

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Everyone’s experience is different and not every story is a show for you, so know how to shut up and listen.

Ted Talk 10 Ways to Communicate Well is a very good article to share and is highly recommended for everyone to listen to it and listen to it many times.

I am still learning every day to improve this skill and I believe this learning journey will last a lifetime so I will share more.

Cách Nói Chuyện Thú Vị

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